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GOD of the UNIVERSE Vs the Cultural Gods

When you listen to believers as they talk about their Gods you would think that their God is the GOD of the Universe. There is no problem in presenting your God as the GOD of the Universe as long as you understand that others could also do so. In other words the GOD of the Universe manifests in many forms but no cultural God is the GOD of the Universe! This presentation highlights the major differences between the two. I use Universal LOVE to represent the GOD of the Universe.

If you cannot feel ME, it is not I.
If someone has to convince you of MY existence, it is also not I.
I do not need an introduction!

Universal LOVE pervade the Universe, the Cultural Gods are local.
Universal LOVE is within all creatures, the Cultural Gods are invited.
Universal LOVE is unknowable, the Cultural Gods are known.
Universal LOVE is nameless, the Cultural Gods have names.
Universal LOVE is the only Mystery in the Universe, the Cultural Gods are many.
Universal LOVE loves all creatures without conditions; the Cultural Gods love you with conditions.
Universal LOVE has no chosen people; we are all chosen; the Cultural Gods have chosen people.
Universe LOVE has no sacred place; the Universe is the sacred place, the cultural Gods have sacred places.
Universe LOVE has no Sacred Text; the Universe is the Sacred Text, the cultural Gods have sacred texts.
Universal LOVE unites all creatures, the cultural Gods divide us.
Universal LOVE is Neutral in human conflicts; the cultural Gods take sides in human conflicts.
Universal LOVE does not judge any creature, the cultural Gods judge their devotees.
Universal LOVE is self-existing; the cultural Gods exist because of you.
Universal LOVE is all-powerful; the Cultural Gods derive their powers from you.
Universal LOVE exists in all cultures; the Cultural Gods exist in specific cultures.
Universal LOVE is the Universal Spirit; the Cultural Gods are culture bound.
Universal LOVE gives freely without conditions; the Cultural Gods accept animal and human sacrifices.
Universal LOVE leads us to Enlightenment; the Gods crave for your worship and adoration.
Universal LOVE will be there during our transition; the Gods will not be there! 

I really do not know how you are going to resolve the differences between your Cultural Gods and the GOD of the Universe but you can start by acknowledging and respecting all religions; accepting and respecting gays and lesbians and baking cakes for their weddings and loving all creatures without conditions. Why? You do not know who you are going to meet at the crossroads of life! You belief may not come to your rescue!

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