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. I want to shine more light on GOD in order to clear any confusion or misunderstanding regarding the Almighty GOD as you begin your Sanctum Practice. This is important because your idea of GOD could either make you or break you. For instance if you believe that the Almighty GOD is waiting to judge you and put you into hell for all the bad things you did in life you are probably afraid all the time. This is unhealthy! I hope this presentation will help you to see the Almighty GOD as the only MYSTERY that loves you without conditions! Here are a few of my thoughts on the GOD of the Universe:

1.      The Almighty GOD has no Sacred Texts; the Universe is the sacred text and it is there for each of us to observe and interpret according to our understanding. The idea of a sacred text is probably all right but to call a cultural sacred text the word of GOD goes too far. For one thing it insults the Wisdom within the Universe. For anyone to ever think that the word of GOD can fit into a small book is one of the greatest misconceptions on Earth. To say the least the idea profoundly diminishes or minimizes the Grandeur and Majesty of the Ultimate Mystery.

2.      The Almighty GOD has no chosen people; instead we are all chosen irrespective of who we are. There is no indication, not even a hint to show that any religion, nation or group of people have a special place in the cosmic scheme of things!

3.      The Almighty GOD has no Sacred Place; instead the Universe is the Sacred Place. The Religions created sacred places but it does not mean that those places are the only sacred places. The Universe is a sacred place and you do not need to travel to another land to pay homage to the GOD of the Universe; you can do that anywhere you are. I advise you to begin to treat your city or town or village as a sacred place and take good care of it!

4.      The Almighty GOD is actually not a GOD. I call IT UNIVERSAL LOVE . IT pervades the whole Universe, loves all creatures without conditions and blesses all creatures without requirements.

One of my greatest challenges was the determination of the GOD of the Universe. Religions are set up in such a way that it is difficult to pinpoint the Ultimate Mystery in the presence of the presiding God of the religion. The presiding God is often referred to as the God of the Universe.

1.      In Christianity we have the Father and the Son. Is the Father the GOD of the Universe?

2.      In Islam Allah is the presiding God. Is Allah the GOD of the Universe?

3.      In the Tanakh Yahweh revealed himself as GOD to Moses. Is Yahweh the GOD of the Universe?

4.      In a basic Buddhist Mandala there are five Buddhas, one at each corner of the Mandala and the fifth at the center representing Ultimate Reality. Is the central Buddha the Ultimate Mystery?

5.      In the Bhagavad Gita Arjuna asked Lord Krishna to reveal his Divinity and Lord Krishna appeared to Arjuna as GOD.  Arjuna’s reaction when he saw Lord Krishna as GOD was one of the most breath taking reactions in spiritual literature.  According to Arjuna if a thousand suns were to rise in the heavens at the same time, the blaze of their light would resemble the splendor of that supreme spirit. However we cannot help but ask: Is Lord Krishna the GOD of the Universe?

The Upanishads answered this question to my satisfaction. There is only one MYSTERY within the Universe that we can call GOD of the Universe. The Upanishads call IT Brahman but I call IT UNIVERSAL LOVE. Here is a pictorial representation of my thoughts and ideas. I came up with this diagram over 20 years ago and it looks like it is here to stay because my thoughts about it has not changed.

Gods: Gods could be manifestations of the Ultimate Mystery but no God is the Ultimate Mystery because Gods are culture bound. We can trace them to specific cultures. Human may regard their Gods as the GOD but that is something you do not want to endorse more especially if you are from another culture. I have put the cultural Gods into the following groups:

1.      Cultural Manifestations: The Snake in the African Child by Camera Laye. The Snake in this sense is a manifestation of the Ultimate Mystery

2.      Human Elevations: Christ, Krishna, Rama, Buddha, Confucius, Lao Tzu, etc. These Gods are also manifestations of the Ultimate Mystery.

3.      Human Creations: These are Gods that do not have an origin like Allah or God. The attempt is to present them as Universal Gods and erase their origins even if they had one before. These Gods are human creations!

Deities: A Deity is actually a God or a Goddess but for our purpose we will regard Deities as the lesser known Gods or Goddesses like Akaso in Buguma, a city in Nigeria. The Deity Akaso actually reminds me of my childhood in the plantation. I used to play with a girl of about my age at the time. 

Her name was Opitiba. She was a believer in the motherhood of Akaso. Akaso is also known as Awomna Akaso meaning the Akaso of Children. Each time we played she would mention her Deity as protecting her or doing something good for her and singing songs to praise the Deity. I had no Deity; my people suppressed their Deities and embraced Christianity and I was too young to understand Christianity so I felt like I had nothing and I was jealous of my friend. However no Deity is the GOD of the Universe. Like the Gods they are also culture-bound!  

Religions: Religions are not manifestations of the Ultimate Mystery. Religions are human creations to help us to make sense of the MYSTERY around us. Which religion to follow or not to follow depends on you. Quite often people choose religions because of promises or threats. By all means do not choose a religion because of what you'll get from it, like going to heaven or because of some kind of suffering, like going to hell. Instead you may choose a religion based on a personal affinity. In other words if you want to follow a religion you must be at peace with it. There is no reason to follow any religion if you are not at peace with it!

I attended a Mormon church with my family in December 2018. The most impressive part of the church for me that day was that it is open to everyone irrespective of your beliefs. The one that should get into the history books is their approach to the Holy Communion. I attended a Christian church once after my breakthrough and when it came to the communion the pastor quoted I Corinthians 11:23-29.

The passage that turned me off was:  Everyone ought to examine themselves before they eat of the bread and drink from the cup. For those who eat and drink without discerning the body of Christ eat and drink judgment on themselves. I Corinthians 11:28-29

As soon as I heard the passage I said to myself that I won’t partake in the Holy Communion because I do not believe as Christians do and I did not take the Holy Communion. It was different with the Mormon Church. They did not quote scriptures so it appealed to me and I took part in the Holy Communion for the first time after my breakthrough. The great thing about their approach is that you can interpret the communion according to your beliefs and that was what I did. I considered the communion as the Unconditional Love of the Universe and it felt good!  

Creatures: By creatures I mean non-humans. I know we are all creatures but in this presentation I am using the term to mean animals, birds, fishes, snakes, and what have you? These creatures are also manifestations of the Ultimate Mystery and this is one of the reasons why some people love all creatures and refrain from eating meat. We can learn a lot from them!

Earth: The Earth is a manifestation of the Ultimate Mystery and it is blessed. It provides us with water to quench our thirst, food to satisfy our hunger, flowers to bring beauty into our lives, birds to sing for our enjoyment, butterflies to kindle our imagination and people to keep us company and to challenge our beliefs. We cannot ask for more!

Nations: Like the religions, nations are also human creations; they are not manifestations of the Ultimate Mystery. Quite often we hear people comment about how such and such a nation or group of people is blessed or chosen by God. For the record no nation or group of people is chosen at the exclusion of others. When I was growing up in Nigeria I often thought that the Northerners were more blessed than the Southerners because they always occupied the top positions in Government. But let the record show that Southerners have also been presidents in Nigeria. Thus the moment a different person comes into the picture the special status supposedly occupied by the "chosen people" no longer holds. No one is special at the exclusion of others. The truth is that we are all chosen. Thus each time you begin to think that a certain group of people are chosen or blessed I want you to consider the sun or the air. The sun and the air are available to all creatures without conditions. In the same way the blessings of the Universe are also available to all creatures!  

You: Now you, I mean you who is reading this passage! You are a manifestation of the Ultimate Mystery. Notice that you are at the same level with the Gods. The only difference is that you are not being worshipped but you can change that by developing yourself and sharing a message of hope if that is what you want.

Awakened Living is designed to help us to live well in this world. You are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements. Thank you for listening and may you experience cosmic peace in the name of Love, the Earth and the Universe! For more information on this episode please visit UNISM.ORG. Thank you. 

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