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Hi: my name is Alateme Sonari or you may call me Al-So.  I am the founder of UNISM, a spiritual organization dedicated to sharing the message of Universal Love. The message of Universal Love simply states that you are loved without conditions and you are blessed without requirements. In return it is your duty to also love without conditions. Your responsibility is to rethink the world and SHINE!

Currently I make Youtube presentations on Awakened Living. I also meet with my family and every Saturday for Awakened Living Studies. I invite you to begin your Awakened Living Studies program with your family and friends. Further I consult with people to help them with their life plans and realizing dreams. 

One of my greatest moments in life was the inspiration I got from my teacher. He inspired a positive approach to life and changed my life forever. When I was in Nigeria I had a scholarship to study abroad but the scholarship expired before I could utilize it.

To say the least I was devastated and thought that there was no way for me to study abroad without the scholarship. But my teacher had a different idea. He told me to begin preparing for my study in the United States. When I asked him where I was going to get the money to study abroad he simply smiled and said; “It seems you don’t know about the possibilities in life!” To cut a long story short my teacher was right and I learned a great lesson in life. "The mortal gets what he or she wants!" I now believe in the generosity of the Universe and I have dedicated my life to help others to understand this truth and realize their dreams. 

One of the functions of UNISM is to help children through high school all over the world. UNISM places emphasis on developing countries in Africa, Asia, South America and Europe.

UNISM also works with the homeless in the city. This effort seeks homeless shelters for homeless people with jobs or in job training and resettles them in their homes. Your donations will go a long way in helping our homeless brothers and sisters

Further UNISM rewards Excellent Customer Service. When next you are impressed with a customer service send an email to UNISM to send flowers to the person.

UNISM is a United States Tax Exempt organization and you can deduct your donations to UNISM in your tax returns. Your donations will be greatly appreciated. Please make a donation today! Please go to www.unism.org for more information.


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