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Thank you for checking out my site. I am working on putting my years of experiences together for the benefit of those who want to change their lives. Living on this planet is definitely not easy but with the help of my program you can at least find peace and happiness and it starts by just setting up your sacred place!

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1390 SE 122nd Avenue, Suite LE
Portland, OR 97233

Email: cosmifieldn@yahoo.com


Awakened Living is designed to help you to know YOURSELF! Thus if your life is important to you but you don’t know where to begin or you want to realize your dreams or you simply want to change your life I invite you to Awakened Living, the series on my Youtube Channel  My name is Dr. Sonari and I will be your host.  


Welcome to Awakened Living. Our topic for today’s presentation is Know Yourself. After his enlightenment the Buddha took his ministry to the people and in one instance he was asked if he was a God? The Buddha answered, “I am no God, I am awake!” Without going into what the Buddha meant by “I am awake” we can reasonably say that he woke up from the illusions of the world. And what are these illusions? Here are some of the illusions on my list: 

I am better than my neighbor---In your dreams
I am chosen! ----- No one is indispensable.
I have the truth!----It stops the conversation and stops the experience

AwAwakened Living is essentially about expanding our awareness and living from that awareness.

Please go to the following page to learn more about how to setup, dedicate and use your sacred place.





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