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The personal program is for all those who want one-on-one consultation with me. It will mostly cover the following:

1. The Sanctum, what is it and why is it important?
2. Sanctum Setup Requirements
3. Sanctum Setup
4. Sanctum Dedication
5. Prayers, Affirmations, Chants and Meditation
6. Using your Sanctum
7. What do you want?

I was introduced to the Sanctum or Sacred Place after High School in Nigeria and I continued with it until I got married. It helped me to plan my day, my year and my life, but most important it helped me to grow in many ways.

After I got married however I decided to pack all the materials and put them in storage. I did that on my own mostly to avoid conflicts in beliefs during our marriage. 

Religion gives you a boss to follow but in the way of the sanctum you are the boss. You may not feel like it at the beginning but as you practice it will eventually happen!

After about 20 years or so I started having some personal issues like having negative thoughts about life in general and that affected my disposition. It was clear that I was sick in my inner world. 

Meanwhile a thought flashed through my mind to setup my sanctum. After about a couple of months or so I summoned up the courage and looked for the boxes containing the materials. I did not set it up that day because there was no spare desk and I didnít have a table cloth. 

After about another month or so I acquired a desk and a table cloth and setup my sanctum after about 20 years. The moment I set it up my disposition changed. About two days after I setup the Sanctum our daughter came to my office to visit. The first thing she noticed and commented on was my positive outlook and I told her what happened.

In short the Sanctum changed my life and the possibilities are limitless. You can create anything in your Sanctum and change your life! Lastly do forget what Joseph Campbell said about the Sanctum. There is power in the Sanctum! 

Please contact me if you want more information. Take your life into your own hands!







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