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Before we setup the Sacred Place let us consider some of the things we need. It is very important to get all the materials ready before setting up your sacred place. Here are the things you need to get ready:

1.      Location: You may have your spiritual practice in your bedroom, a child’s room, or in a separate room if you have one. I use a corner in my bedroom.

2.      Desk: I recommend a small desk with drawers.

3.      Chair: Use a chair with straight edge

4.      Table Cloth: Cover the surface of the desk with a Table Cloth. You may choose your favorite color but I recommend white.

5.      Sacred Place Master: You may choose a savior, an angel, your wedding photo, family photo, parent’s photo, or your favorite photo. I first used the Healing Christ but as my awareness evolved I replaced it with the picture of the Buddha in serene contemplation which I later changed to my own favorite photo. Now I use the image of Universal Love. Thus the image you use may depend on the level of your awareness and of course your preferences. You may also use the picture of a sunset, sunrise, river, flowers, trees, plants, squirrel, pet, snow capped mountain. I love flowers.

6.      Candles: Have a couple of white candles.

7.     Candle Snuffer: Have a candle snuffer to put off the candles after your practice.

8.      Candleholders: You need a couple of candleholders for the candles.

9.      Lighter: Have a lighter to light the candles.

10.   Incense: Have a box of incense. Choose your favorite fragrance. I use Myrrh.

11.  Incense Burner: You need an incense burner to burn your incense.

12.   Clock: Have a digital clock to keep time.

13.  Mirror: Have a small mirror to be used during the dedication ceremony.

14.  Temple Regalia: You may use a white graduation gown. I use a black graduation gown with golden yellow stripes. This is mostly for temple dedication and for special occasions.

15.  Symbol of spiritual significance:  You may use any kind of cross. The popular crosses are the Christian Cross, the Ankh Cross (Cross of Life), the Cross on which the Earth is crucified, or the Maltese Cross.

16.  Texts: You may use your favorite texts during your practice. I have used the New Testament, the Tanakh, the Bhagavad Gita, the Qur’an, the Rig Veda, the Dhammapada, the Upanishads, the Tao Te Ching and the Analects of Confucius. I no longer have any of them on my Sacred Place.

17.  Writing Materials: You need a diary, pen, writing pad. Be prepared for the inspiration that could really change your life.

18.  Music Player: You may use a music player for your spiritual music. Music could help to set the mood as you prepare for your practice.

19.  Prayer Beads: Prayer beads may come in handy when you need to repeat sounds or mantra for many times. I have one.

20.  Yoga Mat: You may also have a Yoga mat for practices on the floor. I  have a yoga mat.

Setting up Your Sacred Place
As I said earlier it is very important for you to get the materials you need before you setup your Sacred Place. Further make your Sacred Place the most beautiful and attractive place in your home. With this in mind let us setup the Sacred Place.

1.       Reserved Place: Go to your reserved place and put the Desk in such a way that you are facing the EAST when you are seated.

2.      Cover the desk with the tablecloth.

3.      Place your favorite Sacred Place Master at the middle of the desk with the back resting on the wall.

4.      Place the two candle holders one on each side of the Sacred Place Master.

5.      Now place the symbol of spiritual significance in front of the Sacred Place Master

6.      Next you may place your favorite text at the left side of the desk.

7.      Now put the two candles into the candle holders

8.      Next place your incense burner on the right side of the desk

9.      Now you may put the rest of the materials away

10.  Finally place you chair by the desk.

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