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Our topic for today’s presentation is Sanctum Texts. What are your favorite texts or what kinds of texts do you want to use in your sanctum. I mean texts that could inspire you or help you to reflect. I use the major sacred texts including the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Tao Te Ching, the Dammapada, the Tanakh, the New Testament, the Qur’an, the Rig Veda, the Analects of Confucius and the Universal Holy Book. But before we discuss the Sanctum Texts you need I want to take a moment and encourage you to start collecting the materials for setting up your sanctum. Once again here is the list of materials you need to setup your physical sanctum: Desk, chair, tablecloth, sanctum master picture, candles, candleholders, incense, digital clock, incense burner, lighter, candle snuffer, temple regalia, mirror, symbol of spiritual significance like the cross, sanctum texts, diary, pen, writing pad, music player and spiritual music CDs.

Take your time and do not rush but your journey toward a fulfilling life begins with setting up your sanctum! If you have no purpose in life, if you want to take back your life, if you want to experience living your life from within, if you want to be on the driver’s seat of your life, if you want to be fulfilled and if you want to be happy I encourage you to begin to gather the materials you need to setup your sanctum today!

I specially encourage young men and women to consider the Awakened Life to prepare you for the challenges of life in your later years more especially when you get married and begin to raise a family or when you become the president of your corporation or when you become the president of your country. These positions require emotional and spiritual maturity. Sometimes life takes us by surprise. Awakened Living prepares you mostly for the surprises of life! Begin a way of life that works all the time!

Sanctum Texts
As I said earlier I use the major sacred texts during my sanctum meditations. I do not read all of them at the same time and I may not even read any of them during my practice. It all depends on the inspiration for that moment.  However I am not limited to the sacred texts. I also use other texts like the Future of an illusion by Sigmund Freud, Creative Mind and success by Earnest Holmes, the Secret by Rhonda Byrne, A separate Reality by Carlos Castenada, the Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, Unto Thee I Grant, Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and In Tune with the infinite by Ralph Waldo Trine. This is just a few of the books I like but I have over 500 books in my library. What I am saying is that you are not limited in your choice of books. The goal is knowledge and the more you know the more you understand. The more you understand the more you love without conditions. The more you love without conditions the more you become part of the CREATURE FAMILY.

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