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Our topic for todayís presentation is what we need to setup an Outer Sanctum. Before I address let me share a personal experience about the importance of the sanctum. I put away my Sanctum after I got married. I do not recall why I did that but it could be that I did not want to confuse my spouse with another way of looking at things. After about 20 years or so I started having some personal issues like having negative thoughts about life in general and that affected my disposition. It was clear that I was sick in my inner world. Meanwhile a thought flashed through my mind to setup my sanctum. After about a couple of months or so I summoned up the courage and looked for the boxes containing the materials. I did not set it up that day because there was no spare desk and I didnít have a table cloth. After about another month or so I acquired a desk and a table cloth and setup my sanctum after about 20 years. The moment I set it up my disposition changed. About two days after I setup the Sanctum our daughter came to my office to visit. The first thing she noticed and commented on was my positive outlook and I told her what happened.

I know we all have our ways of looking at things but in most cases we look at things from the perspective of the culture in which we grew up. The truth is that until you look at things from YOUR OWN WAY youíll continue to recycle the thoughts of your culture and possibly miss out on the blessings of life. I am trying my best to share a way of life that could change your life. You have tried many things and failed in the past because they were not your ideas. What I am sharing is a way of life that puts you on the driverís seat. Thus instead of trying different things from different so-called gurus to find out what works why not begin a way of life that works all the time! A way of life that surrounds you with love! A way of life that motivates you! A way of life that prospers you! A way of life that gives you peace! A way of life that makes you happy! And a way of life that expands your awareness! That way of life begins by setting up your sanctum. Remember what Joseph Campbell said: This is the place of creative incubation. At first you might find that nothing is happening there, but if you have a sacred place and use it and take advantage of it something will happen.

What You Need
Do you have a corner in your bedroom, family room, living room, childís room, in an attic or in the basement? If you do here are what you need to setup your sanctum.   If you do not have a corner at the moment, still stay with me because you can also use this information to setup your inner sanctum. I will list the things that I use in my Sanctum.

1.      Desk and chair.

2.      Table cloth to cover the surface. Choose your favorite color. I use white.

3.      Picture of a saint, a savior, an angel, wedding photo, family photo, parentís photo, your favorite photo. I first used the Healing Christ but as my awareness evolved I replaced it with my own picture. Thus the image you use may depend on the level of your awareness and of course your preferences.

4.      Picture of a sunset, sun rise, river, flowers, trees, plants, squirrel, pet, snow capped mountain. I love flowers.

5.      Candles, candleholders, incense, clock, incense burner, lighter, candle snuffer, temple regalia and a mirror. You can use a white graduation gown. I have a black one with golden yellow stripes.

6.      Symbol of spiritual significance like the cross on which Christ was crucified if you are a Christian. I use the cross on which the ROSE was crucified.

7.      Sacred Texts, diary, pen, writing pad. Be prepared for the inspiration that could really change your life! For sacred texts I use the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Tao Te Ching, the Bible, the Qurían, the Rig Veda, the Dhammapada, the Analects of Confucius and the Universal Holy Book.

8.      Music player and spiritual music Cds. You can use spiritual music to set the mood more especially when you wake up in the morning before you begin your meditations.

I want you to know that this is your life and you came with a clean slate to write on it. Would you write what you learned from your culture or would you write your experiences? The choice is yours!  The book Unto Thee I Grant teaches us that the noblest employment of the mind of man is the study of the works of his creator. You do not study by recycling the experiences of others; you need a firsthand experience and that experience begins with knowing who you are!

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